Started in 2002, with a good experience and knowledge in tinted window films.
We provide advice and installation on Dyed Films,Carbon Films, Metallized Films,
Ceramic Films, Safety & Security Films and Decorative Films on commercial, residential
and architecture.
Getatint focuses on helping corporate and car lovers to get a quality tint at
an affordable price. Thus, we assure you that products purchased from us will be
a great satisfaction to you.

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Building Window Film

We specialise in providing window tinted service for home and office owner where they aim to improve the condition of it.

High exposure of UV light from sunlight will cause multiple negative health condition to the individual such as blindness and skin cancer.

The tinted film may block up to 99% UV light and act as a cooling agent by blocking heat from entering the building.

Tint also use to improve the appearance of the building and as well as to make the building more comfortable for everyone.

Getting yourself a quality tint today with us, as we offer various range of tint that tailors for each preference.

Home Page Car window Tint

Car Window Film

Most people are using the car as a median of transport to bring us closer to the desired destination.

Other than work or home, we spend most of it on the transportation.

Sometime you would wonder why your car interior is getting hotter as time passed and you would just say ‘climate change’.

It’s true, the weather is changing but same as the tint quality as the time passed to the point where is unbearable.

Getting yourself a quality tint today with us, as we offer various range of tint that tailors for each preference.


Film installation

No need to worry about installation because we also provide that service


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  • “Thank you for a clear and understandable briefing regarding the type of window tint function and which I should be interested in. Appreciate for their honest suggestion and satisfy with the Ceramic window tint that installs on my car. It helps a lot in removing heat from my car, and I can feel the difference after the installation. To those people who are still looking for car window tint, I strongly suggest that you give them a try!”

    Jonathan Kam, Puchong

  • “Thank you fenny and her colleague for quick respond and friendly service. They provide a free on-site quotation and advise me on the type of window tint that should be installed based on my requirement on site. I told them that I in a rush to get my office ready and hope they could do it within due date. To my surprise, they work hard to get my office ready before the due date, and two words can describe for their service. “WELL DONE”. Highly recommend to people who are looking for window tint!.”

    Irene Teoh, Kuala Lumpur

  • “I am a person who particular in quality and workmanship. And I have difficulty to get a good sifu to get my home tinted. Luckily, I got a recommendation from my friend who uses their service before. I can’t deny that fenny is a friendly and helpful person and know what I need for my house. And I decided to give them a try, and I truly love the crafty workmanship provided by them, and I am grateful for my friend recommendation on it.”

    Mr.Lee, Klang

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